The Householder Group LLC (THG) was formed in 2012 with the mission to provide professional real estate development services to our clients. Our goal is to define and manage each project based on the individual needs. Since 2002, members of THG have been providing the following assistance;

  • Property Acquisition and Entitlement Verification
  • Project Master Planning and Zoning Amendments
  • Planned Residential Unit Development and Subdivision Requests
  • Overall Project and Budget Management
  • Utility and Construction Oversight
  • Sales Team Support

Our team works closely with other professionals to get real estate projects approved and built. These parties include; property owners, developers, real estate agents, counties/municipalities, attorneys, lenders, title companies, architects, land planers, civil and traffic engineering firms, geologic and geotechnical professionals, utility companies, home owner associa)ons, etc.


To move forward with services, a contract will identify the scope of work and compensation requirements. A retainer is required to initiate work. If the path forward for the project is definable, a proposal estimate can be established or the client can be billed hourly.

We sincerely appreciate your considera)on to use the THG team to help move your real estate development projects forward! Look forward to working with you and please reach out if we can answer any questions!

Eric Householder   //   801.389.0040   //